duckling on the river in prince's  park CalgaryOn saturday I went to prince’s island park in Calgary. I met up with my friends to do photo safari. First we went south west and my topic was shelter for animals. I picked photos of where a beaver or otter may like to live.

upside down boy


Next we rolled the dice and we went south my topic was smelly. I took pictures of flowers, a pine tree, a tree trunk and my brother.


hanging flower basket in Prince's Island Park, Calgary


Then we went east, my topic was colourful and I took pictures of my dad’s jeans cause they were light green, a hoola hoop and some yellow flowers and some colourful flowers.


new bud on a pine tree


Then we went north and my topic was something new. We walked for 5 min to the location. I took a picture of a jar of pickles, a new bud on a pine tree and a new weed.



Spinning at the playground After that we walked Southeast to location and my topic was liquid. I had lots of fun taking these pictures. I took pictures of a mud puddle, some mud and the other side of the river.

I really enjoyed taking these photos. Then I took pictures of my brother on a spinny ride, it was fun to watch him…. THE END.


Editors note: Thanks Presley for sharing your story! Find out what a photo safari is and how you can do it with your kids here. Let’s check out a few more of Presley’s amazing shots.

Squirrel in Prince's Island Park in Calgary dad in jeanshula hoops and drink boxPickle jar abandoned in the park



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