We’re all familiar with the cobbler who has holes in his shoes…well, Tim and I have suffered from something similar lately.  We’ve been so busy, our lives so over-scheduled, that we haven’t had time to roll the dice. So, when we had to schedule an afternoon off – we knew exactly what to do.

We jumped in the car and rolled the dice.  Now, here’s the funny part.  Despite the fact that we were ‘taking the day off’ we decided to video tape the excursion for the website.  And, as producers, this is technically work.  But, chance was having nothing of it – we realized after taking off that the audio had failed to record!

So, we abandoned the video, focused on the journey and found joy in slowing down to take some photos just because. Here is an account of our random Zufall adventure.

Roll: N/2

Starting Location: Kelowna, BC

No Whining About Wine Country

Our roll was North 2 – which the app calculated for us as 30 minutes north of us.  Now, I will admit that living in a region that has well over 100 wineries means that no matter the roll, chances are you’ll end up at a winery.

We were pretty excited because shortly after we entered the Zufall Zone, we saw a sign for Ex Nihilo Winery.  We found it a short drive off the highway, a lovely southwest looking building among vines that had just started to wake up from the winter. This is a fairly new winery to the region with a focus on doing things artfully. The tasting room and adjacent gallery are bursting with unique artwork and it’s hard to miss the Rolling Stones pictures and logos attached to their “Symphony for the Devil” icewine display.

But the real beauty was in the glass. We sampled a few of their offerings but fell for their Riesling and declared that Rolling Stone Icewine a masterpiece. Benjamin, the resident Sommelier was kind enough to suggest our next two stops – Arrowleaf and Gray Monk. So, off we went…just following orders.

Arrowleaf offered up a beautiful view and we appreciated that they had picnic tables that took advantage of the scenery. Several groups had planted themselves there with their wine and picnic baskets. We made a mental note for some other time – we’ll be back.  In the mean time, we grabbed a bottle of their Special Select Late Harvest Vidal as a hostess gift for an upcoming BBQ.

Next up was Gray Monk. Now this winery is one of the oldest in the region – the 30/40/50 banners along  the driveway reminded us that the couple had been together for 50 years, grapes had been growing for 40 and the facility had stood for 30. This is the ‘grand dame’ winery of the area and you can sense it in their tasting room and open-air restaurant.

We sampled their extensive and delectable selection of wines while we waited for a table in the sun.  Once seated, we took in the stunning view of Okanagan Lake and noshed on cheese and charcuterie.

That may seem like the perfect ending to a spontaneous trip to wine country – and truthfully there’s nothing to whine about in wine country – but, our day was not over. We followed the road down to the lake and turned south. Taking the lakeside road back to Kelowna felt exactly like the summer freedom of my youth. Windows down, the warm breeze tousling my hair as we slowly made our way past countless well-tread pathways through tall trees to the pebbly shore and sparkling water.

Our random afternoon off suddenly felt days long; the spontaneous adventure had relaxed and resuscitated. We vow to never neglect the dice again!

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