Romance and Chance

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I’ve always said that there are a lot of creative ways to use Zufall…but I have to say I never imagined this one. A zufaller recently confessed that she and her husband had used the dice to pick a page in the Kamasutra on date night. My jaw is still recovering from dropping so far.

Surprises at Cates Park

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The weekend roll was NE/2 – we had set our base value at 10 minute driving and we thought we were headed for deep cove.  We put on clothes fit for kayaking and hit the road.  Much to our surprise, the traffic delayed us and after 20 minutes of driving (a roll of 2 times

He Said, She Said Zufall

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We found ourselves enjoying breakfast at The Grand Lakefront B&B in Nelson recently – the dice rolled us straight into a soccer tournament, so we had to abandon camping and enjoy the respite of this heritage accommodation – more on that later. Joining us at the table were Stacy and Galileo, a bubbly couple from

9 Years and Still Doing It

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It’s hard to believe but it’s been almost 9 years since the first seed of Zufall was created.  Back then it was a flip of a coin instead of dice but it was the same premise… let chance decide where we would go and the entire trip would become an adventure.  It wasn’t planned, it

Scheduled Zufall?

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I realized today as I made my way to meet Tim for a Zufall lunch that our Friday Zufall dates have become a bit of a habit – and I had to wonder if it goes against our whole philosophy of spontaneity and un-planning your life. I guess that’s balance – we still get to

Unexpected Discovery at Alice Lake

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Last weekend, we decided to roll the dice for a place to hike. The roll was N/5 with a base value of 15 minutes driving. So, that had us heading up the Sea to Sky Highway toward Whistler.  And hour and twenty minutes got as far as Alice Lake – which is a beautiful place

Indecision Can be Addictive!

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Tim can become quite addicted to indecision.  It seems lately that he defers an awful lot of decisions to the dice.  On our most recent trip, he allowed the dice to pick which route to take, he lets blue decide if we would stay another night or carry on, if we would hike or bike, if