We’re staying in Cahuita, Costa Rica for 10 days and wanted to have a bit of an adventure. There are plenty of activities to do close by so we decided to leave it to chance and roll the Zufall dice.

We pulled out our original dice kit and set our base value for 10 minutes driving. We rolled a 4/SE (which was lucky because East would have meant we’d need to rent a boat!)  As it turned out, forty minutes coincided with the road running out at Playa Manzanillo.

Manzanillo, Costa RicaManzanillo is pretty much last of Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast before you hit Panama. We pulled up to the edge of the palm tree lined beach and noticed right away several snorkels bobbing around a dark mass in the water. Huzzah – reef time!  We grabbed our mask and snorkel and after staking some beach space, we ran into the surf.

Our adventure didn’t end at Manzanillo. On our way home, we turned off the highway to check out Punta Uva. It was a beautiful beach where we watched local children play in the river, egrets fishing the tides, kayakers attempting to navigate the surf on their way back in from a shoreline paddle and local families enjoying a late afternoon picnic. What a magical and happy place!

Punta Uva, Costa Rica

As the sun began to set, we drove slowly toward Puerto Viejo where rush hour equals ATVs, bikes and cartloads of surfboards retreating from the beach in preparation for a big night of partying. We stocked up on fresh Marlin and fruit before make our way home.

If we hadn’t rolled the Zufall dice, we wouldn’t have had a chance to snorkel, see a beautiful beach or prepare a super-fresh fish dinner.

Toronto is a City to Get Lost In

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When we go to Toronto, we seldom step foot in Toronto. You see, with family spread across the region, we are generally on a tightly regimented schedule of driving and visiting. It goes something like, land, drive to Milton, visit, drive to Stouffville, visit, drive to Oshawa, visit, drive to, well, you get the idea.

Photo Safari in Calgary

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On saturday I went to prince’s island park in Calgary. I met up with my friends to do photo safari. First we went south west and my topic was shelter for animals. I picked photos of where a beaver or otter may like to live.   Next we rolled the dice and we went south

No Whining About Wine Country

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We’re all familiar with the cobbler who has holes in his shoes…well, Tim and I have suffered from something similar lately.  We’ve been so busy, our lives so over-scheduled, that we haven’t had time to roll the dice. So, when we had to schedule an afternoon off – we knew exactly what to do. We