When Plans Fall Apart

By valerie on

A lot of people think that because we love to leave things to chance, we never plan anything. That’s kind of crazy.

But, when we do plan something with friends or family and something gets in the way – our dice conditioning means we’re never disappointed. This happened to us a week or so ago. We’d planned a long hike with good friends and were looking forward to it despite the drop in temperature and the forecast of rain. That morning, we got the call that the outing was a no-go because of a bum ankle.

Instead of going ahead with hike on our own, we decided to follow the curve we’d been thrown. This is where the Zufall training comes in – you know how to avoid disappointment by being in the moment and looking for adventure opportunities.

It had been years (we’re both embarrassed to admit) since we’d ridden our mountain bikes on real mountain trails. And, since we were staring at summers back end, we knew that if we didn’t do it then, on that wet and cold October day, it would be another year.

We threw the bikes on the back of the car and rolled the dice. We’re surrounded by mountains, so we figured we couldn’t go wrong. We ended up at the cross country ski trails we enjoyed all last winter (another reminded that summer was on the outs).

Now, it may seem a little silly to say we went mountain biking on a cross country ski course, but this is BC so even an area set aside for an activity usually done on the flats is hilly. Really hilly. We were amazed at how much climbing and downhill we’d done on our skis because on the bikes it took a lot out of us. Luckily, a random wandering dog (seriously) served as our guide showing us the way up to the look out and down through the forest.

So, in the end, our planned hike with friends turned into a two-hour muddy, sweaty, rain-soaked reminder of just how much we love mountain biking. Dirty, drenched and exhausted we were thoroughly pleased that we’d zigged when our plans zagged.

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