The Sexiness of Surprises

By Tim on

One of the things we often say at Zufall Headquarters is “unplan everything”. The premise behind this is that planning leads to expectation, which leads to stress and can sometimes result in disappointment. Now, we offer up this suggestion with an obvious caveat because you can’t go through life not planning a thing. Hey, we’re both producers so we’re certainly fans of a good solid plan in the right place.
Besides, there is another way to get to that stress-free, no expectations state and that is with surprises – well at least for the person receiving the surprise. I think this is why I love surprises so much. You have no expectations so the whole experience seems like a bonus.

Last night, as an early birthday present, Tim surprised me with tickets to a Jim Cuddy concert. He told me we were meeting friends for a drink, parked the car, started me toward the bar, and then suddenly made an unexpected turn joining the crowd going into the theatre. The jig was up when he used a line that I had used 8 years ago when I surprised him with Black Crows tickets – “let’s just see who’s playing.”

I didn’t see it coming, it was a fantastic surprise and had an amazing time (how could you not at a Jim Cuddy concert?) I love surprises for the same reason I love to Zufall. It feels spontaneous, it’s unexpected and it’s exciting. And, I have to say – I find that very romantic.

Why do you love surprises?
When was the last time you pulled one off or were gifted one?

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