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It’s that time of year when we reflect on the year that was – and as far as 2011 goes,  we have no complaints!  This year we took a chance and spent the first quarter of the year traveling through South America – pulling our Zufall dice out often to find random adventures – and write about it.  After our wanderings, we returned to Canada to settle in our new home in Kelowna, BC.

We enjoyed running a vacation rental through the summer – connecting with travelers made us miss the road.  We got to know our new neighbours and were quickly welcomed into the community. And, we toiled over turning our Zufall dice into a mobile app for the Windows Phone 7 and iPhone.

Much of this was documented on our blog – affectionately called the Zublog.  So, in these last few days of an awesome year, we got to wondering – which of our adventures most interested the Zublog readers.  And so, here is our humble countdown of the top 5 ranked Zublogs of 2011.

5. A Tale of Two Wine Tours – Part 1: Taking a Chance on Trails

It turns out that we didn’t need to go too far from home to interest our readers!  This blog recounts the first of two wine tours we did in British Columbia’s wine country – the Okanagan (where our new hometown of Kelowna is located). On this first of two tours we chose to roll the dice and then follow the tour boards suggested route – a combo deal involving chance and planning – which lead to a great day with friends.

5. Patagonia Smackdown!

I was so glad to see this tied for 5th with our local blog…Patagonia was after all, the furthest from home that we got.  Plus, we truly loved touring through Patagonia and had a bit of fun comparing the Argentinean side with the Chilean.  Looking back at that blog takes me right back to that land of adventure – and appreciate the really amazing photos that Tim took!

4. Fill Your Boots in Salento, Colombia

We’ve been back from our South America trip for over 8 months now and people still ask that much hated question (it’s so unfair, really) – ‘what was your favourite place?’  When pressed, the answer is Colombia and our favourite place in Colombia was Salento. It’s the one place we could see ourselves living. I’m not sure this blog sells the magic of the place but I’m glad it made it into the top 5.

3. Altitude Sickness Strikes in the Bolivian Andes

And, from our best memories, to one of the worst. Truthfully – getting sick didn’t do much to dampen my memories of those beautiful mountains and the kindness of the Bolivian people. It was a fantastic adventure and Tim got to the peak.  It’s okay…he paid his sickness dues a few weeks later in Cusco courtesy of some poorly cooked llama.

2. A Rainy Day of Bird Watching in Machu Picchu

I’m impressed that this is so high up in the rankings. Jim and Gladys, our guides, had just started their bird watching business and we weren’t sure how much interest there would be. We had the most amazing day of bird watching despite the torrential rain (or perhaps, thanks to it).  So, I’m glad lots of people liked reading about it, and I’m doubly glad that making the list will help more people find it.

1. More Mountains to Climb

This post being the most read for 2011 just goes to show that adventure is what you make it. This blog is an account of one of our early beta tests for the Zufall Adventures mobile app.  The app lead us up a local mountain on our bikes.  On the outside it probably doesn’t seem like much to write about but we found the adventure and a hidden meaning in it.


Thanks to everyone who has read, shared and commented on our adventures with Zufall. We’re looking forward to many more adventures to come in 2012 – not the least of which is the launch of our iPhone Zufall Adventures App.  We can’t wait to share our stories and to hear more from all you Zufallers out there.

Happy New Year – may you find adventure in everything you do!


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