More Mountains to Climb

By valerie on

Clouds were threatening in the sky but we’d been cooped up for days – ironically beta-testing the new Zufall Adventures App had been anything but a fun adventure. Getting an App on the market is like pushing a very large boulder up a rocky hill. Mentally exhausted from our efforts, we decided it was time to get out and discover something new about our own town.  We rolled the digital dice and came up with a Northeast/2 – which the app calculated to be about 20 minutes of cycling.  It identified the Zufall Target Zone and immediately I knew it was going to be a hell of a ride – the zone was at the top of Dilworth Mountain – the most imposing peak in Kelowna. Just what we needed…a real mountain to replace our metaphysical one.

Since Zufall rarely steers us wrong, we decided to go for it. We peddled our way through downtown and took a deep breath as we swung on to Summit Dr., the name a reminder of the effort to come.  Surprisingly, the slope was not too steep and we were able to keep the wheels turning steadily.  The higher we got, the bigger the houses grew and we knew that the view had to be worth a few pennies and certainly our beads of sweat.

We crested the hill but before we headed back down, we wanted to see what all of the million dollar houses were seeing.  We climbed a little higher and stumbled on an almost-hidden walkway that lead us to the edge of a cliff.  We stood in the tall weeds, listened to the birds in the trees, and contemplated a twirl and a song Snow White style. It was magical. From our perch, we could see over 50 kilometres of undulating countryside. A patch of pine forests here, a cluster of houses there, and in the middle of all of it; another summit painted dusty green and begging to be climbed. But the view from that mound would have to wait for another day, today we were just happy to have our efforts rewarded with beauty and inspiration. As we stood there, we knew that if we continued pushing our boulder up the proverbial hill, our efforts in the realm of App developers would be equally satisfying.


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