Madagascar by Chance

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Our Madagascar adventure was on, it was off and then it was entirely threatened by indecision. This is how we picked our next travel destination through spontaneity and random chance.

Ever since a friend we made on the Inca Trail settled in Madagascar, it’s been on our list. We’ve attempted to get there a few times only to discover that we were either planning to arrive with the hurricanes or our busiest time for work (yes, we work). So, after many years, we finally made a plan that would work and we could stick to – except for one minor detail.

Threatened by Over-planning

We’d taken so long to get ourselves organized that our friend had moved on. His being there had been what piqued our interest but we weren’t planning on spending the whole time with him so this development shouldn’t have made much of a difference. Here is what it did. It got us thinking about where else in the world we might like to spend a month of vacation time (aka hard earned dollars and rare time off).

Crippled by Indecision

Before we knew it, we had a significant list; Tanzania, India, Nepal, New Zealand, Bali – all great options that we could get really excited about. We were overwhelmed with choice and staring down a long road of research, budget sheets and discussions. There was only one thing left to do; leave it to chance. So, on the morning of Tim’s birthday, we assigned each destination with a number and rolled the dice. It came up 1. Our first and initial option – Madagascar.

Leaving Our Adventure to Chance

Trusting the dice, we booked our tickets immediately. No more second guessing, no more planning and researching multiple options, just boom – Madagascar.  We couldn’t be more thrilled. And, if the dice had rolled differently, we’d feel the same way.  Life is good by chance.

Stay tuned for some Malagasy Zufalling (with stopovers in Paris, Nairobi & Amsterdam)!

Photo credit: Frank Vassen  via Flickr Creative Commons

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