Whether you’re travelling or in your day to day, just say yes to opportunities. We did and it led to an awesome, unexpected experience.

cruising las isletas granada nicaragua“Hey, do you guys have any plans today?” Glenn, the owner of the apart-hotel we were staying at, asked us. Did he know who he was talking to? Even if we have plans, we’ll always consider switching them. The truth was, we did have plans to work and then rent bikes and ride out to a viewpoint but…


“Why do you ask?” we responded, wanting to keep things open.

He invited us to join him on a boat trip out to his friend’s private island for cocktails. We dumped our plans without even discussing it with each other (our spontaneous tendencies are mutual) and said, “Yes, we’d love to.”


We drove down to the port on the Peninsula de Asese and had a starter cocktail at the bar while we waited for the rest of our party. As it turned out, the group consisted of us, the owner and his wife, and two of their friends (a couple of fellow Canadians) who were staying with them. Once we were all together, we jumped in a boat and started to putter through the many tiny islands left over from the last massive volcanic eruption centuries ago.

House on an island in GranadaInsider Knowledge

Glenn told us about a strange law that allowed island owners to expand their island by 15% (usually with rocks or concrete patios) and how many had taken advantage of that rule by ‘selling’ their island to different members of the family so each new owner could expand the island until they had a substantial size island to build on. Some of these islands had only been mere rock piles poking out of the lake and now they supported some pretty swank looking houses.

Cocktails and Appies with a view of Lake Nicaragua

We arrived at a private island and were greeted by the island caretaker (the owner was away). The island home had an open plan living space (no walls, windows or doors – just a giant covered patio with a bed, bathroom , kitchen and dining area) plus a large three story tower. After a short tour of the island (which had a radius of about 50 metres) we adjourned to the rooftop deck for our BYOB cocktails and some appies that Jeannie (Glen’s wife) had kindly brought along.

Happy Happy Hour

We chatted, sipped, nibbled and did a little bird watching as the afternoon sun sank lower in the sky. From our vantage point, we had a good view of a tourist boat on its ‘Isletas Tour’ route. It was a tour we had considered taking and at that particular moment, we were feeling pretty lucky to be having such a unique experience.

tourists looking at tourists, who's watching who?After our tower-top happy hour, our taxi returned to take us slowly back through the little islands taking time to slow as we snapped pics of birds, houses, monkeys and the scenery.

Your Spontaneous Side

It was a unique experience that didn’t really happen by chance but happened because we were willing to say ‘yes’. That’s one of the best parts of being in touch with your spontaneous side – you say yes. You accept offers to do thing that are maybe a little out of your control or comfort zone. You’re willing to let go of planning or plans and go with the flow. So often it leads to adventures that you’ll remember forever.  And we’re not just talking about traveling here.


By the way, there was nothing special about us that earned us our invite. Jeannie and Glenn are the kind of people who love to share the wonders of Granada and Nicaragua with their guests and new friends. They sometimes call these outings ‘travel club’ and they’ve also been known to host some pretty epic Expat dinner parties! If you are planning on visiting Granada for an extended stay, connect with them here.


cruising the islands in Lake Nicaragua thatch roof house in Granada, Nicaragua

bird watching in Nicaragua houses of Las Isletas near Granada, Nicaragua

Bird watching Granada Nicaragua Las Isletas boat tour past monkey island, granada nicaragua Las Isletas Granada Island life

birdwatching in Las Isletas Granada nicaraguaview of the volcano and lake nicaragua






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