When Are You Spontaneous? | Poll

By valerie on

At the very core of the Zufall concept is the idea that spontaneity leads to great things. We use this a lot in travel but there are certainly big benefits to being spontaneous in other aspects of life. We’ve found that being spontaneous can improve your romance, amp up a fun time, spark creativity, deliver unconventional answers to work problems and even help keep you grounded and happy. We often wonder if everyone knows how powerful spontaneity can be. So, we thought we’d try to find out — how does it help you? When do you find yourself benefiting most from a little spontaneity? When has listening to that little voice that says, ‘go on, be spontaneous!’ led to something truly magical? Tell us all about it in the comments and answer our speedy poll.

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We’ll be sure to share the results and until then, carry on spontaneous superstar!

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