Have you ever stood on a busy downtown street and let the people just flow past you? I highly recommend doing this because chances are, you’ll be the only one who’s actually there – in the present moment. Everyone else is rushing to get to where they’re going, on their phones, ignoring the world they’re in and the people they’re marching down the street with. Do it and you’ll be struck by the fact that despite the hundreds of people around you, there’s nobody here right now.

We bet you’ve done it too. You’ve rushed from point A to point B, multitasking the entire way and not really been present for any part of it. You’ve been that nobody. So have we.

This disconnection from the world is one of the reasons we Zufall. We love to roll the dice because when you don’t know where you’re going, when your destination is random, you’re forced to be present. It’s all about the journey when you don’t know the destination. We can’t do that everyday – sometimes we just have places to be – but we can practice being present and mindful to help balance out those mindless, rushed times.

Some of you know that Tim and I make part of our living by creating videos for other people’s websites. We had the pure pleasure of producing this social experiment video where a mindfulness expert from tuja wellness tried to pull some busy people out of their mindless flow and engage them a quick and spontaneous meditation. Just a little Zenterruption.┬áThe results were inspiring.


Please share your comments and tell us how you try to stay present in your busy world.

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