Yeah. It’s cold. We know. That doesn’t mean you have to hibernate. Here’s how a little spontaneity can make winter a lot more bearable.

Winter Photo Challenge

If you take a moment from cursing the cold, you might realize that winter can be amazingly beautiful. Grab your camera and head out to capture the essence of the season.  Bring a thermos of something ‘warm’ so you can take a break when your snapping finger starts to freeze up.

Zufall Challenge: Pick a theme by the roll of the dice. 1 = blue, 2 = sparkle, 3 = playtime, 4 = silence, 5 = cold, 6 = wild, now roll to discover your theme.

Snow Bird

Super Zufall Challenge: Roll the Zufall Adventures Dice or use the App to determine which location you’ll go hunting for the above rolled theme. This is for the mega-creative!

Games Night

Embracing the winter doesn’t have to mean facing the cold. Why not make the indoors more fun with an old fashioned games night. Spontaneity abounds with games like Pictionary, Cranium, Charades and even Extreme Scrabble (set a timer and allow non-dictionary words so long as the player can use it in a story).

Zufall Challenge: Invite someone you’ve never socialized with before!

Work it Out

If you’re like us, your exercise routine slows down considerably when the weather cools down. Change things up and try something new – take a fitness class at the Y, learn a new style of dance, or join a sports team. There’s nothing like a bit of sweat to inspire a sense of freedom.

Zufall Challenge: Grab your community recreational program or the group class calendar from your gym or local Y, close your eyes (no peeking), point to a spot on the page and go to that class!

Ice TowerSnow Fun

Winter can be a snowy adventure. Just ask those people who bundle up and go outside to ski, snowshoe, ice climb, skate, cross country ski, build a snow fort, have a snowball fight, go sledding — there really are a lot of awesome winter activities. So, go to the snow and make peace with it. You may just discover that you love it.

Zufall Challenge: Roll the Zufall Dice or use the App to find a place to have a snow-venture. Make sure you dress warmly and have fun in the snow — don’t eat the yellow stuff.

Date Night In

Getting tired of date night consisting of bundling up and heading to the same restaurant? Change it up and make it a date night in — no this is not a license to order pizza and spread out on the couch. Add some randomness to the evening by leaving a few key elements to chance.

Zufall Challenge: Turn dinner into a couple’s version of Chopped. Each of you independently shop for 2 ingredients. Reveal them and figure out what to do with them. For the after dinner entertainment, one of you pick an activity (last time we did this I picked listening to a tango album and trying to remember our sauciest tango moves – we laughed for 45 minutes straight) and the other pick the movie or show you’ll enjoy to end the evening.

Are you ready to be more spontaneous? Are you up for one of these challenges? Did you accept and complete one? Tell us all about it by sharing your adventure with us here or on Facebook or Twitter. Need help rolling the dice? We’ll roll for you — just hit us up on Twitter!




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