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One of the best things about not having a strict work schedule is that I can indulge in a little daytime television form time to time. Yesterday turned out to be the perfect day to take a late lunch and switch on The Talk.

CBS The Talk


Two of the hosts, Sharon Osbourne and Sara Gilbert, were sharing a story about how they’d decided to just get in the car and drive – no destination, no pre-planning just a spontaneous road trip. They got horribly lost and ended up having a picnic in the rain but as they recounted their adventure, their smiles were broad.


Frame Grab of Patrick Duffy on The Talk spontaneous

The Talk (CBS)

This story sparked an entire conversation around spontaneity. Aisha Tyler revealed that she doesn’t like being spontaneous because she’s afraid that she might miss something that she would have experienced if she’d been better prepared – like a great restaurant. Fear of regret and the pressure of doing everything perfectly can be debilitating. The idea that everything has to be perfectly planned and executed is the very notion that stops people from making an effort – it’s too overwhelming! You have to let go of those expectations and learn to love what is actually happening not what could be happening or what might have happened if you had time to plan it.

Bobby Ewing Dallas

Patrick Duffy as Bobby Ewing on Dallas (TNT)

Patrick Duffy, the star of Dallas and their guest on The Talk shared his most spontaneous moment – spilling coffee on himself so his wife wouldn’t feel bad about having spilled on her shirt. What a fabulously romantic story! Spontaneity means different things to different people but in its essence it’s about not thinking before doing, just going with your gut. You can see the joy, the freedom and the sense of empowerment that they all felt as they recounted their spontaneity stories.

Sharon and Sara from The Talk on CBS

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While Sharon and Sara seem to resonate on our level of spontaneity (random car trips – oh, yeah!) we have to celebrate all approaches. It’s just great to see that sense of adventure take over even when spontaneity leads to soggy al fresco dining. I dare say (if I could be so bold as to presume to know their character) that if Sara and Sharon ever find themselves with spare time and car keys in their grasp, they’d do it all over again.

And, while I’m being bold – Sharon, Sara (or any of The Talk gang) –- I’ve got a complimentary Zufall Kit or Zufall Adventures App with your name on it, just say the word.


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