One Ringy Dingy Closer To Sanity

By valerie on

Lily Tomlin once said “Reality is the leading cause of stress amongst those in touch with it”.  It’s a funny quote – as comedians are want to give – but it’s seems frighteningly true these days.  Everyone I meet who is remotely sane, seems increasingly stressed out. And why not? For most of us, day to day life is getting serioulsy pressurized – with work, family, bills, keeping up with the Jones…it does tend to run you down.

Everyone knows too much stress can be unhealthy. One of our recent clients told me she was buying Zufall for her friend who had just had a heart attack. She summed it up with a simple, “The dude needs to learn how to let go!”  Isn’t that at the core of a lot of our stress – we worry too much.  We over think things. We’re clinging too tightly to the reins.  We try too hard to make our lives perfect.  We feel compelled to make sure every minute of everyday is being utilized. 

I’m all for making the most of life, and being motivated to achieve the things I want but I do agree – we also need to learn to let go once in a while.  To loosen our grip on the realities that drag us down and just let the stress melt away. 

Lily Tomlin as Ernestine the Operator on Laugh In

Lily Tomlin as Ernestine the Operator on Laugh In

If that makes me a little less sane in the eyes of Lily Tomlin – I’m happy to join her company.  Oh, you had noticed that during her brilliant career, she has seemed quite capable of letting go, right?  Two ringy-dingies….

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