IKEA Australia is telling families to unplan their lives in their latest campaign. The concept was spawned after they conducted a survey that found both kids and parents feel like their lives are too busy, run on too tight a schedule. They enlisted a kid named Teddy to deliver their new ‘make time for living’ manifesto.

It’s not new (we’ve been saying it for years; it’s practically our mantra) but it’s not a bad way to sell home furnishings where all of this unplanned living is going to take place. Of course, from our point of view – unplanning your life is something that should happen in the home and out of the home. The trouble is, for so many people who have been living these super scheduled lives for so long, they don’t really know how to make time for living. Their spontaneous muscle has atrophied.

Just like going on a diet or going back to school – you just have to start doing it. Eventually, getting back to living, tapping into that spontaneous side, living in the moment will all come naturally – just like it did when you were a kid (who didn’t have every second of every day scheduled).

Until you get back to that natural spontaneous state, you might want to slot a little ‘free time’ or ‘unplanned’ time in your schedule.

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