When you’re making your list of New Year resolutions, forget the common resolutions and just add the most important one – be more spontaneous. Why? Because this resolution pretty much takes care of the usual resolutions.

Be More Romantic

You know what your partner really wants when they ask for more romance? You. So show up, be in the moment and prove that you are really there not just going through the motions. Do that keeping the relationship spontaneous. Skip the perfectly planned dates once in a while and explore together, discover together, get lost together – one thing is for certain, you’ll really be there, you’ll be together and anything can happen. That’s sexy, fun romance!

Be More Creative

There are two reasons that practicing spontaneity (actually there are countless reasons, but let’s stick to the two main ones). 1) You learn to let go of expectations. Nothing murders creativity than your own expectations of brilliance. When you stop expecting so much from yourself, you open up the path to creative exploration where a lot of crap lives and a few little nuggets of genius. 2) You remove yourself for routine and leave yourself open to inspiration. It might be a spontaneous left turn when you usually go right or a spontaneous coffee in an unknown cafe that will lead you to new colours, new people, new thoughts and endless stimulation.  Spontaneity can be your muse.

Bust Out of a Rut

Life gets boring, even when we love the different elements of the routine we’ve created for ourselves. So often new year resolutions are speckled with ways to busts out of these ruts – exercise more, eat better, learn a language. All good, but before you know it, those become ruts too. So, skip the ruts and get spontaneous. Find a way to accomplish all of these things without it becoming routine. Vow to say yes every time someone invites you to exercise, pick up random vegetables or health food products and figure out how to incorporate them, go to a country to learn a new language instead of taking a class – keep it fresh and spontaneous and you’ll never have a ‘bust out of a rut’ type of resolution again.

Be Happy

We don’t want to get all existential on you but happiness is an emotional state that exist only in the now. If you want to be happy you have to be present in the now. That means not spending your life planning, letting go of expectations, and leaving regrets in the past. When you are spontaneous you achieve this – you are in the moment and you have no expectations (because you have no plan). Yep, that’s the simple secret to happiness. Code cracked.  Happy happiness, everyone.

It’s not lost on us that planning out resolutions and being more spontaneous seem a bit at odds with each other. We’ve always believed that despite it being an oxymoron, you can ‘plan spontaneity’ by leaving room in your plans for the unexpected. And, you can certainly plan to tone up your spontaneity muscles and embrace your spontaneous side more.

So go ahead, be a planner and make a list of new year resolutions just keep the list short – it pretty much just needs one item: Be More Spontaneous.

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