As kids eye the end of the school year, parents prepare to face that ongoing summer question, “What am I going to do with the kids today?”

In between the camps and the cottage, Zufall is a great way to keep kids engaged and having fun. One of our favourite ways to spend an afternoon is to go take our nieces to the park and go on a Zufall Photo Safari.  Each of our nieces uses their camera to capture an image after following the Zufall roll to a location in the park.  We will often have a theme for each picture to make it a little more challenging but with the younger ones, we just let them snap away.  Afterwards (and to extend the outing) we head home and look at the pictures. The kids then create a story based on the images they captured.


What we love about Zufalling with kids is that it not only teaches them about direction and gets them outside and moving – it also helps them to be in the moment. They can’t think ahead or plan their pictures because they don’t yet know where they will end up. For kids who get anxious or have trouble focusing this is a great exercise. The other thing that Zufall does is it forces kids to really look around them; to take in their environment and see what’s going on. Not to mention, it gives their creativity a workout!

Here’s how to go on your own Zufall Photo Safari:

1. Head to the nearest big park or open space.
2. Agree on a set number of rolls. We find 4-6 is good but don’t be surprised if they ask for one more!
3. Set your theme before you roll the dice. This past weekend we had ‘shelter’, ‘smelly’, ‘new’, ‘colourful’ and ‘liquid’ but any random word or idea can be a theme.
4. Roll the Zufall dice. Then walk the number of minutes rolled, in the direction rolled. So, if the roll is NW 3, they’d walk three minutes North West from where they are. You can have one child be the timer but we find it’s good if they take turns rolling the dice.
5. Once everyone has snapped their picture at the location, then roll again starting from your existing location. No need to rush – this is about finding the best shot and taking in the environment. Encourage them to look up and down; at the little things and the big picture.
6. And then, once it is over, they can use their pictures to create a story. They can even post that story right here on the Zufall Adventures site (you can use their age in place of ‘last name’ and the info from the first roll). We love kids’ photo safari stories!

It’s fun to see how amazingly creative kids can be. We’re always astonished how they interpret different themes – capturing a bud on a tree for ‘new’ or a river for ‘shelter.’

But most of all, they’ll have a great day and you’ll have one less summer afternoon to fill.

Who wants to go on safari?



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