Looking for a unique gift idea or a present for someone who has everything? Stuff a stocking with spontaneity and adventure!

The original Zufall Adventures dice kit is the perfect size for slipping into a stocking or wrapping up for that secret Santa gift exchange at the office. Everyone needs a little extra fun and excitement in their lives and what could be more adventurous than leaving their next outing to chance? The Zufall Adventures kit not only gets people out of their comfort zone it also relieves them of the pressures of planning.

The Zufall Adventures kit contains two dice and instructions all packaged up in a handy tin (so they can keep it in their glove box for the next time spontaneity strikes). Zufalling itself is easy — just assign a ‘value’ to the number 1 on the die, like 1 block or 5 minutes driving, and then roll the two dice. Multiple your ‘value’ by your roll and travel in the direction indicated on the second dice. Quick, what’s three blocks East of you or 30 minutes drive Northwest? And when was the last time you went there to check it out?

Each roll is an adventure and what you find there and what you do is all part of the fun. A simple set of dice used with an open mind and this is a gift that will keep on giving. No more, ‘I don’t know, what do you want to do?’ fights. No more same-old sushi joint. No more boring walks along the too-tread path. Try wrapping that up!

If you want to know more about the magic of what can happen when you leave adventures to chance, check out some of our adventures or other Zufaller adventures.

Stuff that stocking with spontaneity and adventure and you just might be surprised how unexpected and happy 2014 will be. If you’re stuffing a virtual stocking…wrap up the Zufall Adventures App — it does all of the math and mapping for you! Available for Windows Phone, iPhone (and other iOS devices) and Android.

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