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Going under the knife

Image by Neeta Lind via Flickr

If you’ve been here before then you may be noticing a few changes. (If this is your first time, welcome!) Our website went under the knife to get a fresh new look. We wanted to send our new apps front and centre because we think they deserve the spot light. Plus, we wanted to create a new space to share Zufall stories. This new section will be all about adventures by the dice, both ours and the rest of the Zufallers out there. If you’ve been rolling the dice, don’t be shy – share your story with us. We’ve made it much easier with our simple submission form. We really want to create a Zufall community so, submit your Zufall stories, comment on other’s Zufall stories and join in.

You’ll also find a new FAQ page to help you better understand Zufalling and to help you explain it to others. If there are questions that aren’t so frequently asked but you need an answer, please use our contact page. We’re always happy to engage in a discussion or clear up any confusion. And, don’t worry, your old favourite pages are still here, we’ve just moved their links down to the bottom. And that includes picking up our now-retro Zufall kits – those original kits with two physical dice are perfect for people who want to really detach when they Zufall.

Tim Wohlberg and Morten Rand-Hendriksen create Zufall web experience with MS Expression

Tim Wohlberg and Morten Rand-Hendriksen

If you think all of these changes have our site looking pretty good, you should see what’s going on behind the scenes. We worked with Morten Rand-Hendriksen and Angela Chih of Pink and Yellow Media to rebuild the site. The site’s real beauty is in the code. You see, the site will be whatever you need it to be depending on the platform you are using. Morten made sure that if you are viewing us on a Windows Phone, you get the link to the Windows Marketplace to purchase the app. He also made it scale to whatever size screen you are on – so if you change to another platform right now, the site will look different. Now that’s some kind of makeover.

Zufallers Tim Wohlberg and Valerie McTavish with Morten Rand-Hendriksen at MWNW

Make Web Not War, Vancouver 2012. Photo: Keith Loo



Morten showed off our site at the Make Web Not War Community Night in Vancouver (put on by Microsoft Canada). We had the opportunity to chat with the community about our app-building adventure while Morten got to share some of the inside-beauty of this site.

Now that the site is beautiful inside and out, we hope you agree that this extreme website makeover was well worth it. Share your thoughts with us about the site or (better yet), go Zufalling and share your story on our new community page!

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