Frequently Asked Questions


What is Zufalling?

Zufalling is the act of rolling the Zufall dice (digital or physical) to make decisions of any kind. Primarily zufalling involves rolling the dice to find a place to go. The dice include a directional die and a numbered die. By assigning a value to the numbered die, a Zufall roll will tell you how far to go and in which direction. It can help you find a new route to walk, a restaurant, a location for a date or a completely unknown adventure!

How does Zufall work?

Simply roll the dice and go in the direction rolled for the distance rolled. Traditionally, the blue dice requires a base value (1 must equal a distance or time value) and the roll would be multiplied by the base value. For example, if make the base value 1 block and you roll a NE and a 5, then you’ll go north east for 5 blocks. If you don’t like math - you’re in luck. The app does all of the calculations and maps the Zufall Zone for you. For more on the philosophy of zufalling, see the Zublog.

What do I do when I get into the Zufall Zone?

That all depends on what you find there. Look around, see if there is something new or something intriguing. You could ask a local if there is someplace close by that everyone goes to. If there are a lot of things in the zone that intrigue, why not let the dice decide again. Use the direction dice to tell you a direction to look, the odd and even numbers on the blue dice can break a tie between two possibilities or change the value of the dice to footsteps, roll again and keep following the dice! There’s always something there, just keep looking and keep going.

Who invented Zufall Adventures?

Valerie McTavish and Tim Wohlberg came up with the idea for Zufall Adventures shortly after flipping a coin to determine their first date in 2000. Read more about their story.

Where does the name Zufall come from?

Zufall is a german word that loosely translates into ‘random chance’ or coincidence. It seemed like the perfect explanation for rolling the dice to make decisions. Plus, it’s fun to say.

Is Zufall a verb or a noun?

It’s both. In fact, we encourage you to try it as a adjective - although we know that may seem like a zufally request.

Why on earth would I want to Zufall?

Indecision can be crippling (not to mention fight-inducing). Life’s too short to waste time over-planning. Spontaneity is romantic. We spend too much time looking ahead instead of looking around and being in the moment. It’s fun and adventurous. We could go on, but if you want a better understanding of the philosophy of Zufall, please visit our Zublog.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever Zufalled?

We’ve had some crazy experiences and a few really nice, low key experiences but the one that always stands out is that we bought a house thanks to Zufall. We’d been looking for a long time but one day we decided to take a break and Zufall a bike ride. The roll took us into a new neighbourhood, which we really liked and then we saw an open house sign. The rest was history.

What if I don’t have a smartphone – can I still Zufall?

Absolutely! We still pull out the old dice (and we still sell them). We call it Retro-Zufall - but in a loving way!

Can I Zufall without the dice?

Sure. The essence of Zufall is leaving destination decisions to chance. So, flip a coin, let a taxi driver decide where to take you, throw a dart at a map - it all adds up to spontaneous fun.

What is #Zufoto?

Zufoto is a way for photographers to challenge themselves to see what is around them in a new way. Once a month, we release a theme. Photographers (or people with a camera, if that feels too fancy for you) roll and then follow the dice. Once in the Zufall Zone, they take a picture that best represents the theme. The image is uploaded to this website and shared with other Zufoto participants. Follow #zufoto on twitter to see images and ideas around this month’s theme.

How do I participate in the Zufall Community?

Take your pick! Follow us on Twitter and use the #ZufallAdventure hashtag to share your adventures or track others. Like us on Facebook and become a fan of Zufall Adventures. Check us out on Pinterest. And, share your Zufall stories and comment on others’ stories on this website.

How can I tell the world about Zufall?

Participate in the Zufall Community!

My question is not answered here, what should I do?

Email us. We are always happy to help find adventures by chance.

I don’t like my roll, can I re-roll?

The spirit of Zufall is to never re-roll. But, let’s face it, there are no Zufall police - so if you want to, go ahead.

What if I want to fly?

We salute the epic Zufallers who want to roll the dice and jump on a plane. There are a couple of ways to make the app work for you. You can use the app dice like they are traditional dice. Assign a value to 1 on the blue die (like 2 hours flying or 1000 miles) then multiply that base value by your rolled number. Or, you can use the app to calculate by setting the mode of transportation to vehicle and selecting a very large maximum time (like 100 hours or 50 days). That’ll get you far!

How do I calculate a Zufall Adventure longer than 100 miles?

Switch from distance to time when setting the furthest you are willing to go. Select either hours or days if you want to go a lot further than 100 miles.

What if my Zufall Zone is in the water or otherwise inaccessible?

You have a few options. You can head in that direction and look for an adventure along the way. You can try your best to get that location (using common sense and some reverence for the law of course). Or, you can re-roll but next time, remember to eliminate any direction that could roll you into another no-go zone.

What is POI?

Points of Interest.These are businesses, transportation hubs, restaurants and cafes that are on the FourSquare network. The app will identify up to 20 businesses close to your current GPS position. If you’ve identified your specific type of adventure, then the app will only show you businesses related to your adventure. So, restaurants if you selected dining and hotels if you selected overnight.

Why don’t the POI show up in the Zufall Zone?

The Points of Interest are tied to your current location, so if you aren’t in the Zone yet, you’ll have to wait until you get there. Once inside the zone, you can select POI again and it will refresh to show you the top 20 locations closest to your new location.

How do I calculate Zufall on my own?

Simple math. Assign a value to the number 1 on your blue die. It might be something like 1 block or 10 minutes walking. Then roll the dice. Multiply what you rolled on your blue dice by your predetermined value. So if your value was 1 block, and you rolled a 4, you would go 4 blocks. If your value was 10 minutes walking, you’d walk 40 minutes.

Can kids use Zufall?

Kids love Zufall and Zufall is great for kids. It helps them understand cardinal directions, it teaches them about experiencing what is going on right now and it helps them deal with an unexpected outcome. Kids can Zufall around a park, use Zufall to write a story, or do a photo treasure hunt - rolling to each location to find a special photograph.

Is Zufall Adventures responsible if I break into a house, steal a boat, fall and break my neck, get arrested for trespassing or come into any other ill fortune as a result of following the dice?

Nope. Please Zufall responsibly.