A New Adventure is Afoot for Zufall

There’s a new era coming for Zufall Adventures and we’re very excited. We’ll have more details for you very soon but one thing we just can’t seem to keep under our hat is the creation of BeMoreSpontaneous.com.

Be More Spontaneous will be a site dedicated to inspiring and enabling people to use spontaneity as a tool to improve every aspect of their lives. We’re very excited to help people tap into their spontaneous spirit because we truly believe that when you do, you discover the key to happiness. What more could you want out of life?

Since the beginning of Zufall Adventures, and the creation of the Zufall dice and app, our main goal has been to help people get outside of the routine, to embrace indecision, to let go of expectations and see what magic can happen through random chance. The more we shared Zufall with the world, the more we realized that this tool was just a small part of the bigger picture — people really needed help and inspiration to be more spontaneous. We know how to do that and how to help them. We’ve often feel like spontaneity coaches. So, we decided to create a website just for that.

We’re working away on the finishing touches of the new website and we’ll announce it here when it’s ready. In the meantime, head there right now and sign up for our newsletter to be the very first to Be More Spontaneous!

We can’t wait to share all of this amazing information with you, hear you stories of spontaneity and welcome you into the Be More Spontaneous community. Don’t worry, Zufall will continue to be a favourite tool for tapping into random chance fun and a place to share stories of rolling the dice and our travels around the world.

Plus, we have an exciting new announcement about the Zufall app that we will share with you all soon.

So. much. to. keep. in.  Stay tuned and stay spontaneous!